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The New York Daily News reports how the Salt Lake City woman was taking Xanax for anxiety attacks and stress due to her divorce from her husband. Jon White testified that this two were arguing at his office over financial matters when she began playing and reciting the lyrics on the song ‘Angry Johnny’ by Poe. ‘I desire to kill you. I would like to blow you away’, she believed to him within a threatening manner.

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I went home and told my mother from the incident and he or she accused me to be a hypochondriac. Though I did not believe I was, I shut my trap and went about my normal routine in the morning. I went into class again that has a clear mind together dismissed what went down the day before to be a fluke. As I continued to get at my serve as usual, it happened again. However, there seemed to be pointless because of it. No one had made any sudden movements, no noise, nothing! That horrible a sense of helplessness started haunt me everyday during this same time-frame. Due to the hate I had because of this panic disorder I began avoiding these types at any expense. During my senior year, I had missed over 86 days as well as in conjunction with to arrive late and leaving early I had done that another 100 days. I began entering school after 4th period and leaving before. On Wednesdays I just wouldn’t arrive university by any means. I barely graduated through the skin of my teeth as a result of my absences.

Brenda White took the witness stand it her very own defense Thursday and told the legal court she had taken a number of Xanax it is usually to see her estranged husband at his office. She claims she overheard him telling someone he loved them while speaking on the phone. She told a legal court that each one she recalls is overhearing that phone conversation, and after that finding herself from the business building.